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The Cheese Plant

All of our goat and sheep milk cheeses are made in true “Celebrity” style. Sea salt is added to the cheese which brings out the delicate flavour of the cheese – and does not add unwanted iodine to the health conscious diet. Animal rennet free, our 100% pure goat and sheep milk cheese is made exclusively from Ontario milk.

The cheesemaker starts early in the morning pasteurizing the milk and adding our select cultures and animal free rennet (microbial enzyme) to create the personality of the cheese. The microbial enzyme and culture then work their magic with controlled time and temperature to create the curd, which will become the soft unripened chevre cheese. We transfer the curds and whey to the special bags, and using our press, start the slow process of draining the whey.

Each of these steps takes skilled craftsmen to create the consistency that we demand. We carefully monitor the process until the optimum moisture for the specific cheese is reached. Our cheese team gives each portioned cheese log its personality; they are hand rolled with premium ingredients like dried, whole cranberries or blueberries or a wide variety of spices. Infused chevre, like our honey or fig are carefully blended and portioned to add the right amount of flavour to each log.

Throughout all of these processes from milk receiving to final packing for shipment, our quality control staff examines and checks every step to make sure that it meets our demanding standards: measuring moisture, checking fruit content or coverage and sending samples to outside laboratories for further assurance of quality.

In addition to our chèvre, our cheesemakers also create hard cheeses that require aging – cheddar, feta and sheep cheese. These are hand-crafted in small batches using premium goat / sheep milk.

Both our award winning clothbound cheddars    (Lindsay Bandaged Goat Cheddar and Thea Bandaged Sheep Cheddar)  : Once the goat or sheep milk is pasteurized, it is placed in an open vat. Our cheesemakers place the curds in round, stainless steel forms. Once the forms have been pressed, the cheeses are carefully wrapped in a cloth; a ‘bandage’ to preserve all the flavour. Each wheel is aged naturally on wooden slabs in our unique aging rooms. They are hand-brushed, hand-sealed and wrapped. They are turned each week to assure even aging. Only after it is fully matured  is it ready to get the final approval from our cheesemaker.

Our award winning Tania (toscano style) sheep milk cheese: Once the sheep milk is pasteurized, it is placed in an open vat. Our cheesemakers place the curds in round forms. Once the forms have been self-pressed, the cheeses are hand-salted and aged in our unique aging rooms. They are hand-brushed and flipped as they age.

‘At the initial planning stages of our new cheese plant, we intended to have a viewing platform for our guests of our state-of-the-art food facility.  The windowed ‘Mariposa Mezzanine’ travels through Processes 1 – 9 with clear descriptions at each window.  Along with the views and descriptions of the activity on the Production Floor, enjoy the ‘insets’ – Celebrating Our Cheese, Celebrating Goats and Celebrating Mariposa Dairy History.  Be amazed at our Awards Wall and the Business Facts Wall.

And, yes, we welcome tours… we love to brag about our facility and have you fall in love with our story.’